3 Careers In Aviation That Might Be Perfect For You!

Are you looking for a job that’s different to the norm? Then you need to check out these three careers in aviation:

Aircraft Mechanic

Plenty of people grow up with dreams of being a mechanic. Typically, they set their sights on cars. I’m sure there are plenty of people reading this that either wants to be a car mechanic or already are one. I’m here to tell you that you can take your talents to another level. Instead of working on cars, why don’t you work on aircraft?propeller-aircraft-detail-propeller-plane-40193-large

An aircraft mechanic can be involved in loads of exciting jobs. From fixing planes to creating new parts for helicopters, there’s no end to what you can do. By gaining the proper training and qualifications, you can become an aircraft mechanic and work at airports all over the world.

These jobs are well-paid because they’re important. The world needs aircraft mechanics to help keep planes in the sky. Plus, the chances of finding one are very high too. There’s a high demand for people with this mechanical expertise. Airports aren’t the only place you can get a job; the army is also looking for aircraft mechanics.

Commercial Pilot

Naturally, the most well-known aviation career is that of a pilot. There are many kids that grow up hoping to fly a plane or helicopter one day. It’s one of the most challenging careers out there, and you’ll need to work very hard. Pilots have to go through lots of training to gain the proper qualifications and experience. The most common way to do this is by going to a certified flight school. There, you’ll be taught all you need to know about becoming a pilot. There are lessons in the classroom, as well as ones involving flight simulators. You have to get your private pilot’s license before doing more training to get your commercial one.

It’s a cool career because you get to something that the majority of the world will never do. You actually get to fly an aircraft! Plus, you get a whole host of cool pilot supplies that mean you have the best work uniform out there. And, pilots get paid a lot of money, while traveling all over the world.

Flight Attendant

Arguably one of the most fun careers out there is a flight attendant. If you enjoy traveling, then this job is perfect for you. You’ll get to board various planes and jet off to different countries on a regular basis. The job of a flight attendant consists of looking after everyone that’s on the flight. The passengers are your number one priority; you must ensure they’re safe and comfortable. The best thing about this job is that you don’t need a degree to do it! So long as you have the desired training and qualifications, you can land a job.

Flight attendant jobs pay well, and can be more exciting than your typical office job. If you like exploring the world, then give this career a go.

There’s no denying that the aviation industry throws up some interesting career ideas. After reading this post, maybe you’ll realize one of these jobs is perfect for you!

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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