Consider nutritionist as a career possibility

Nutritionist, the 23rd best medical job according to U.S. News,  isone of the fastest growing medical positions.

Nutritionists have the joy of being able to work in their field in a variety of different ways. Many of them work with hospitals to oversee the food service but many also work with schools or independently to work with private clients to help achieve their health goals.

Dietary consultation has become an important and necessary step for those looking to change their eating habits and adopting a healthier diet and lifestyle.

The demand for knowledgeable dietitians and nutritionists continues to grow and many already established nutritionists go on to look into advanced degrees in not just health science but in business or marketing degrees to start their own consultation companies in addition to working with hospitals and other medical establishments. Others often take their passion for healthy eating and living to the web to share their wealth of knowledge for the field.

Nutritionists have also seen a boost in their field because of the growing increase in specialty diets and alternative health solutions much aided by the surge of health bloggers and social media. More and more people look to blogs or social media to get advice about healthy alternatives to their favorite foods.

Nutritionists and health bloggers often work together to help give people the necessary information to make educated diet and eating decisions such as understanding a “natural” food label truly means.

With the amount of information on the web about various complex diets, dietitians and nutritionists have become the prominent voices for presenting factual information and advice about specialty dieting.

Using social media and the internet has helped nutritionists to boost their online presence to not only give reliable information but also find new clients and job opportunities to educate others about healthy eating. As the demand for more educated and knowledgeable diet and nutrition experts increase, the need for their online presence continues to grow as well.

Check out this infographic that can help boost anyone’s online presence in the digital health world:


This is a guest post with embedded links from Vera Marie Reed , a freelance writer living in Glendale, California.

Vera Reed

Vera Reed

This mother of two specializes in education and parenting content. When she’s not delivering expert advice, you can find her reading, writing, arts, going to museums and doing craft projects with her children.

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