Prepare Yourself For Construction Work

Getting involved in the construction trade can be a great career move. The demand for workers and their skills shows no sign of slowing down. From building to engineering and from design to electrical work, there are hundreds of different roles.

construction-worker-495373_960_720But every single one of these has dangers involved. Construction sites can be lethal places. Understanding basic health and safety is essential. Being able to display this knowledge to a potential employer could make you an attractive proposition. Here are a few general tips and points of awareness.

Safety Gear
No one should be allowed onto a construction site without wearing safety gear. The most recognizable sign of this might be your hard hat or protective helmet. Get used to putting it on and keeping in it in place. Make sure that the strap is adjusted to suit you. It can feel a little strange at first, but with practice you will get used to wearing one and, in fact, will not feel properly dressed without it! There is always the danger of material being dropped from a height, and your helmet could well save your life.

Visibility gear
It is essential that you can be seen on site. Your working gear should always incorporate some form of high visibility or reflective

That could be a part of your clothing, or simply a vest that you wear over the top of overalls. Make sure that wherever you are, you can be seen.

Boots should always be worn on site. These need to have thick soles that are resistant to corrosion from chemicals. Ideally, boots should have protective toe caps and have padding and protection around the ankles.

Get used to working with these. Obviously, they will protect your hands as well as providing a layer of warmth and insulation. Critically they will improve your grip. There are many different types to choose from depending on your

Occasionally you might have to remove them for more detailed work, but on the whole, a good pair of working gloves is indispensable

Safety awareness
Make sure that you are aware of any safety procedures necessary for your role. That will mean being aware of potential hazards close to you and around you. Don’t attempt to climb or work at heights without the right safety harnesses and precautions for example. Safely working from heights is an essential part of any job you undertake. Know how you are protected and be aware at all times of the potential of falling or losing balance.

If you are operating machinery or tools, make sure that you understand how they operate and know how to turn them off. In particular electric saws can be lethal. Know how the safety bars operate and be prepared for any kickbacks or sudden movements. Make sure that you are not wearing any jewelry or loose clothing that could get caught up in machinery.

Your safety means that you will be able to enjoy a job and even career free from injury and accident. Take your time getting used to any new task and working conditions. Be wary and careful at every step and stage and always follow safety guidelines.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it contains affiliate links.

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