One resume is enough, even in today’s specialized job market

I’ve advocated creating different resumes for different types of jobs you may be seeking. So I was surprised to read a different view, namely that one resume fits all situations.

The piece, which appears on The, does make some interesting arguments to back it’s case, however.

The most compelling one is that the top third of your resume really should sum up all your skills and accomplishments. If someone ripped it off from the rest of the page, it should stand alone and sell you. I completely agree with that.

How many resumes do you have?

How many resumes do you have?

“The top 1/3 of your resume should be a professional summary that expresses quickly and succinctly what you’re looking to do next by showcasing the abilities that will get you there,” writes Marc Cenedella.

“HR professionals, hiring managers, executive recruiters: they’re all pressed for time these days and they can’t try to guess what you’re looking for’” Cenedella continues.

“A ‘professional summary’ at the top of your resume lists the relevant accomplishments, qualifications and proficiency for the job you would like to get, and is an important part of helping people understand you and what role they should consider hiring you for,” he says.

You can read his arguments against multiple resumes and decide for yourself if they make sense to you. One fascinating point he makes – a resume reviewer spends only six second looking at a resume. A good reason to grab them at the start.
John N. Frank

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