Guest Post: What to consider if enrolling in an online course

When it comes to enrolling in a new education or training course, it is never easy making a choice.

It might be your first step into the job market or you might be looking to pursue a new career. So it is important to enroll in a course that provides you with the right skills and has the learning options to meet your requirements.

Everyone has different needs to balance, such as family, work, social and religious commitments. And every course will be different. This makes choosing an online course a really flexible option.

Wondering about online courses? Do your homework.

Wondering about online courses? Do your homework.

Before you enroll, you might want to consider whether online fits with your learning style. The most important thing to consider is your access to a computer. Online courses make use of technology so you will need to think about your computer skills, your level of familiarity with the Internet, email and navigating new software. Are you comfortable with using social media, editing documents and sharing files?

Next, research the organization delivering the online course. Ensure you choose one that it a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and provides nationally accredited training, such as a vocational institution like the Ascet Institute of Technology.

Enrolling in an online course might be more flexible. But you will still need to participate. An online course will involve class-based activities, except these are held in a virtual classroom. You will be expected to be involved in online group activities, tutorials, one-on-ones and online discussions.

And like any type of learning, set yourself some realistic expectations. Keep in contact with your online teacher if you need to get extensions or will be away for any reason.

By thinking about a few things beforehand, an online course can offer a great deal of flexibility and help you achieve the right results.
Danielle McAnn

Danielle is a freelance copywriter who enjoys following current affairs and finding new coffee spots.

Ascet Institute of Technology is a Melbourne-based RTO delivering flexible online, classroom and in the workplace training. 

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