How Useful Are Best Places to Work Lists?

One of the job hunting tips I discuss in my book, Always Be Job Hunting, is to use best places to work lists in the markets where you want to find a job.

These sorts of lists are published constantly, both online and in the old-world of printed publications. The Chicago Tribune recently ran one that caught my eye and reminded me of how to use these.

How the rankings are compiled normally are spelled out, so check that first to get an idea of how biased or unbiased the list is. Many allow employers to submit their companies for consideration. I’m normally wary of those, wondering if employees are being “encouraged” to rate their places of work favorably, for example.

But once you know details like that, you can evaluate the places listed. Keep a list of those that sound like they might have jobs you’re interested in, even if you’re not looking at the time. This fits into tactics for what I call passive job hunting, namely doing the market intelligence work you need for when you do have to search.

Knowing your market is part of the Always Be Job Hunting philosophy that will help you minimize time out of work.
John N. Frank

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