How Do You Deal with Age Discrimination?

If you’re older than 50, as I am, you’ve likely gone to a job interview and come out thinking the place really wanted someone younger.

You get there and walk through an office with no one in sight who is more than 35 or so. The person who interviews you looks like your daughter or son, age-wise. Perhaps even the CEO is only in his or her 40s or younger, something especially true in the tech realm.

Legally, age discrimination should not exist but the reality is people are comfortable hiring people like themselves, so there are personal choice issues that may impact the ability of older workers to find a new job.

Harping on the age issue, however, will get you nowhere. Emphasize your abilities and your knowledge of the current business scene.

And here’s some good news. This recent piece on contends companies have been hiring older workers. I hope that’s true, being one myself.

I’m almost 60 and I just got a new job. Age issues can be overcome in your job search.

My experience is some do, I did just get a new job in February after all, and some don’t and the issue is more one of salary level than age. Every company should see a benefit of getting someone experienced, unless of course they feel they are the next big thing and look at experienced people as stuck in the past or in some other company’s way of doing things. The question is what is that experience worth to them in salary terms?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, write me here and let’s get a discussion going.
John N. Frank

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