Advice from a Job Search Columnist

Marcia Heroux Pounds had been doing a job search column for the Sun Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale for a number of years but that assignment ended Aug. 31, 2011. She was next scheduled to write about the jobs picture in southern Florida.

I came across her last column recently, and found some of the advice in it so good that I’m opting to excerpt it here to help you in your job quest. Her key thoughts in that last column included:

“Embrace change…It may be uncomfortable, but in transitional times, we stretch and grow. In today’s workplace, change is ever-present. You never want to be seen as resisting it…

“Keep your skills up-to-date…No matter what your field, it’s important to stay attuned to industry changes, and to continually update your skills. If your employer is not providing the education you need, pursue it yourself…

“Be innovative. Gain a reputation as the employee who is always coming up with a new product or service idea.

“Avoid meltdowns. When dealing with irate customers or irritating co-workers, don’t take it personally.”

I’ve tried to embody the first three principles and am getting better at the fourth, although if you buy my book (click on the cover to the right here), you’ll read about two times when I lost my temper with a boss and what the consequences were for me. reading that should help you avoid meltdowns.
—John N. Frank

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